One to One Coaching

Toby. Thank you for an amazing session. You have a very warm person and my wife and I are both very grateful for your session. More people should know about this treatment as I can really notice the benefits. You are very talented.
Dr Oz – American TV Show Host, Surgeon

It may surprise many people that I now actually like meditation. Thank you for helping me Toby.
David Baddiel – British comedian, novelist and TV Presenter

Thank you, Toby. Your session was simple but made so much sense. It has really helped me and I am so glad I came to see you.
David Schwimmer – Actor, Director, Producer

Toby Maguire offered to guide me through a couple of meditations in an attempt to combat my overactive mind’s combination of insomnia and savage nightmares. The effect was extraordinary. I went straight to my room and fell asleep for an hour, lunched, then nodded off for four and a half hours, supped and then went under for another 15! The sleep was deep, rich and euphoric, nightmares present but distant somehow. I now count myself as a meditation convert.
Hannah Betts – Journalist, The Times

Toby is a very professional and highly approachable person. A great listener, he helped me to clearly understand the areas of my life that needed attention and helped me to gain clarity of what I really wanted to achieve in life. I highly recommend him if you find yourself at a crossroads in life.
Simon Agoston – Olympic Triathlete

Toby was very clear and to the point, listened beautifully and was very real and human in his responses – a great combination in a coach. After an engaging hour, I had a much clearer idea about where to put my energy and what parts of my life I needed to put behind me once and for all.
Caroline Sylger Jones (Queen Of Retreats) – Author and Journalist

Workshops and Training

I run a small group of engineering and high-tech companies , so from time to time because I am passionate about my work my companies I find I can be very stressed and uptight relating to work, this can manifest it in me being snappy to my staff, family and I just wasn’t enjoying myself as much as I should do. . From Toby, I was able to learn some simple techniques that have really helped me to stay focused, more relaxed and definitely be more productive and hence be more profitable.
Julian Glasspole, Chairman AW Ltd

Toby’s ‘Managing Stress’ course is well structured and concise, giving one an understanding of the effects of stress on the mind and body, which I think very few of us actually realise. I think many of us have so many ailments that we can put down to stress. More importantly than that, Toby gives you the tools to alleviate stress by taking away the mystery surrounding meditation with practical meditation sessions which are extremely useful. Understanding the physiology of your body and how meditation actually works for your body is surprising and takes away any scepticism. Incredible what you can achieve with abdominal breathing! The latter part of the course shows you how to try to take control of your life in order to achieve what you want and feel more fulfilled. Toby’s course left me with a feeling that I really could do what I wanted and am still feeling the positivity after 2 weeks which I have to put down to regular meditation. Toby’s course should be available on the NHS, the government would save a lot of money!
Sherry, Financial Consultant, London

Toby, I wanted to take a few minutes to convey my deep appreciation for the experience that you provided for me this past week. It was absolutely a wonderful gift to spend 5 days with you sharing your insights on healthy living, specific to the personal needs of the participants. I am already benefiting from incorporating just a few new practices into my daily living. I am confident that over time those benefits will only increase with practice and learning.
Carolyn Walker, CEO, New York

Hi Toby, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for setting me off on a new path, I am returning to the UK with a renewed energy to live my life to the full, focus on the present and what I want to achieve rather than doing it for other people and you had a big part to play in that.”
Suzy Mcleod, CEO, London