Short Term Gain, Long Term Loss

The mind is a funny thing.

Did you know that the 2 things at the heart of every decision and action you do throughout the day are what will give you pleasure and ow you can avoid pain?

Of course, we need to survive and this is exactly why these two thoughts drive us to live our lives in the way that we do.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that short-term pleasure leads to long-term unhappiness, whereas short-term displeasure leads to long-term happiness.

Most people are unaware of this fact and then wonder why they are struggling with their present-day situation.
Whatever your current situation is in life, the majority of it boils down to the choices and decisions you have made in the past.

The job you have, the partner you have, the financial situation you are in and your current state of mind. Even your state of health is largely dependent on the choices and decisions you have made in the past.
And if you are unhappy with your circumstances it is usually because you have chased after short-term pleasures in the past without giving them much thought.

If you are happy, then it is likely that you have given those previous actions careful thought and consideration.

This is one of the reasons why I believe it is so important to take some time out now and again to be clear about who you are and what direction to take your life in. Goal setting is so important because it can help you to recognize what you need to survive in the long term and allow you to set your mind on sacrificing momentary pleasures to achieve those goals.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Laziness – It may seem more enjoyable to get home in the evening and catch up on Facebook and eat junk food than it is to eat a healthy meal and go to the gym. But health-wise, it is not going to give you the energy and healthy looking body that you desire in the long term.

Love Life – Are you looking for short-term pleasure? Or long-term commitment? If it is the long term you are looking for, be very clear about the type of person you are looking for, be patient and wait for them. Otherwise, you will find yourself giving into to those short-term pleasures, making a lot of mistakes and continually missing the right person who could be just around the corner.

Work – Are you working in a job that gives you little satisfaction because you are just focusing on the salary at the end of the month? Or should you be taking some time out to think about your long-term goals – which may involve some short-term sacrifices, such as further study to propel your career or change it into something more suitable?

Family – how much time are you investing with your children, your partner or loved ones? Investing time in them now will lead to greater happiness for you on a day to day basis and greater stability with them in the future.

Spiritual development – How much of the day is your mind at peace and do you genuinely feel happy? Taking some time to nurture your mind will leave you feeling positive and happy meaning that you appreciate your life more and those around you enjoy your company more too.

The mind is always thinking and it needs something to focus on, so make sure the focus is clear and you abide by the laws of nature. Then your choices and actions will be in alignment with your long-term goals.

Toby has been practising the healing arts of the East for nearly twenty years and spent 13 years living in South East Asia where he studied meditation, Asian philosophy and Chinese medicine whilst working in Health and Wellness resorts around South East Asia.

Working as both a health and wellness consultant and practitioner at some of the top destination spas in the world means Toby has a wealth of knowledge.

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