Public Speaking

Inspiring others to make the most out of their lives, achieve success and overcome life’s challenges is tremendously rewarding.

With more than 20 years experience in the field of teaching and training, my talks are interactive, fun, inspiring and allow me to express the wisdom and teachings that I have learnt from my various teachers and masters in the East.

Having founded and run my own businesses in both Thailand and the UK, I understand the challenges faced by managers and CEO’s and how important it is that people empower themselves and take control of their own destiny, rather than leaving it to chance by placing it into the hands of others.

As a global speaker, I have had the opportunity to speak at universities, conferences, companies and health and wellness resorts worldwide.

I believe in the power of moving people into action, by sharing masterful messages and stories.
Companies I’ve worked with:

Aman Resorts
Six Senses Resorts
Mandarin Oriental
Ananda Himalayas
The Bodyholiday
Red Brick Road (
Psychologies Magazine
COMO Shambhala
Chai Cancer Care (

Toby has been practising the healing arts of the East for nearly twenty years and spent 13 years living in South East Asia where he studied meditation, Asian philosophy and Chinese medicine whilst working in Health and Wellness resorts around South East Asia.

Working as both a health and wellness consultant and practitioner at some of the top destination spas in the world means Toby has a wealth of knowledge.

YOU can access Toby’s vast experience… Contact us below.