These are some recommended products and services that I have used and would suggest taking a look at.

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White Tiger QiGong

White Tiger Qigong Online CourseQigong is a system of knowledge that comprises at least 5,000 years of human evolution and covers all the fields of human interest. It is officially known in China as the science of human potential and development.

White Tiger Qigong is a medical form that harmonize the body, breath and mind.

It not only increases vitality and longevity, but is also used to treat chronic illnesses, overcome physical pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

White Tiger Qigong for the most advanced, comprehensive Qigong Teacher Training. Maximising human transformation and potential.

They run teacher based training in some beautiful settings around the world, but if you can’t make them in person then the courses are also really good.

I recommend White Tiger QiGong for both their online and teacher led training courses.

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SuperGreen TONIK – Greens Powder Supplement

Toby trying SuperGreen TONIKWe all know that our most of us simply aren’t consuming enough fruit and vegetables each day. Whilst eating a varied diet everyday with a good mixture of fresh food is the best way to get our nutrients, it sometimes is a real struggle.

This is why I was keen to try SuperGreen TONIK, a greens superfood powder supplement developed by my friend Adam.

He wanted to take a greens supplement that contain the right ingredients in the right amounts to actual have a health benefit. After 8-months he released his own brand and it’s available now on the official website.

Anyone interested in trying SuperGreen TONIK can take advantage of my unique 11% discount code for every order.

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