Stress and Mind Management Courses

One to One Stress and Mind Management courses are available via Skype and will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to lower your stress levels permanently.

You will also learn to understand your mind so you can work with it more effectively and reach your goals in life more quickly, easily and efficiently.

The courses focus on all aspects that help you to achieve a better work/life balance and greater peace of mind. These include mind management skills, life management skills, breath-work, nutrition, meditation, holistic therapies, improving your personal and professional relationships in addition to a step by step approach on how to clarify and achieve your goals in life.

Stress Management Course 1

Stress Course level 1

Course 1 focuses on the physical and psychological effects of stress and the various techniques we can implement in the present moment to calm the mind and think more clearly.

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Stress Management Course 2

Stress Course level 2

Course 2 focuses on the external aspects of your life that have been causing stress and what actions you need to take to live a more balanced, happier and productive life in the future.

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Group Stress Management Course

Stress Group Course

This is an on-sight training course for companies who would like to run Stress and Mind Management workshops for their teams.

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Stress affects people from all walks of life and therefore discounts are available for students and individuals on a low income.

Please contact me for discount rates.