I Always Win

Success and wining
It was about 4 years ago that I ran my first half marathon and having thought I was quite fit, passed the finishing line at …. well … let’s just say the latter part of the race.

I wondered how I could improve, and decided to train harder for the next race.

So I did. Well, a little bit harder anyway.

Despite a turn up of nearly 5,000 and some highly professional athletes and runners, I won!!! I came in first! And it was easy!! So easy in fact that I hardly broke out in a sweat!

How did I manage it?

Simple. I ran the race one day before everyone else. No competition! I ran it in my own time and even walked the last mile.

So why am I telling you this?

Well think. How can you use this story and apply it to your life or your business?

If you feel that it is difficult to get by because there is so much competition out there, is it not because everyone is doing the same thing? If you think differently to everyone else, come up with new ideas and follow them through, then you have no competition.

So start to think out of the box. Allocate yourself some thinking time, dig deep and really ask yourself, “How can I work less and earn more?” Think how you want to live your life and operate your business more easily. Because when you start to think in this way, your mind looks for the answers and they will come. Then you can live your life on your terms and not be dictated to by others around you.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffet, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Anita Roddick, Walt Disney….

The list is of successful original thinkers is endless.

So stop, think, question. How can you win the race in your own way? There is always an answer, just spend some time focusing on it and it will appear.

Toby has been practising the healing arts of the East for nearly twenty years and spent 13 years living in South East Asia where he studied meditation, Asian philosophy and Chinese medicine whilst working in Health and Wellness resorts around South East Asia.

Working as both a health and wellness consultant and practitioner at some of the top destination spas in the world means Toby has a wealth of knowledge.

YOU can access Toby's vast experience... CLICK HERE to discover how.

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