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Life Lessons

Life is very unpredictable, but there seem to be certain things in life that are forever constant. One is the law of Karma which I wrote about not so long […]


I was watching a video on youtube a few weeks ago about two American virologists talking about Covid 19. I find the human body fascinating and these two Doctors were […]

The Struggle

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was very successful and very happy. He had a lovely wife and children and lived in a nice big house. He […]

Cleanse in Thailand

On a trip to India earlier this year, I think I picked up some sort of intestinal parasite. This is nothing out of the ordinary for many people who visit […]

Trust Yourself

Most of today’s stresses and strains in life boil down to one thing: the inability to trust oneself. When we are young, we automatically learn to imitate others. It is […]