Giving Back

Giving back is an important part of achieving a healthier and happier mind. Quite simply, the more we work for others, the less importance we put on ourselves and our own personal dilemmas. It also helps us connect with other people, improves the well-being of others around us and helps build stronger communities, whether it be local, national or global.

For more than 20 years I have supported two charities:

World Vision

With a strong belief that all children need to be nurtured in early childhood to have a healthy and happy life, World Vision is an international charity working to bring hope to millions of children worldwide. Whether it be hunger, disease, violence, conflict or exploitation, World Vision not only provides a presence in the case of emergencies but also sponsorship to children whose families struggle to pay basic educational requirements. help provide education with the educational needs of children


ROKPA is principally active in the Tibetan areas of China and in Nepal, in the areas of education, medicine, nourishment and culture, though projects are also managed in South Africa and Zimbabwe. It provides education for stress children, orphans and nomadic children, immediate assistance in medical emergencies of primary health care and nourishment projects, ensuring that children are provided with adequate nutrition. In addition, it helps to support Tibetan medicine and culture which has been struggling since the Chinese occupation.